Hyams Beach

This web site is about Hyam's Beach which is the last settlement inside NSW on Jervis Bay. The site is a study of the moors, escarpment and beach environments in a physical area 4 kilometres long and 2.2 km at the widest (east-west).

We were driving along Jervis Bay Road during a weekend at Huskisson and saw the Hyam's Beach sign. Crossing a minor, but noticeable moor, then plunging down the slight escarpment; moving from coastal heath into a tiny segment of forest and then into the village, we were impressed. Impressed with the containment of the Hyam's Beach village, the intense bird activity, the minimal tourist presence and the intensity of Jervis Bay water and bush. We found "The Cabins" and returned every February for 3 years.

When a suitable house became available, we bought. A 'fibro' three bedroom cottage backing on to the Jervis Bay National Park, views of the Bay, kangaroos in the back yard, parrots eating out of your hand; hard not to be impressed.

 Structure of the site

The site is structured around a series of walks and information on the geology, vegetation and fauna.