This walk begins behind the Navigation Marker on the track down to the swamp perched behind the old dune, and then crosses old sand overlaying sandstone ending at the Village.

Geology: We begin on aeolian sand on the old dune. Immediately west of this is the beginning of the alluvial sands and muds of the swamp, which extend south to Creswell. The dune continues north of the Navigation Marker but we turn northwest on to sand overlaying sandstone. In the creek is an example of indurated sand. The walk concludes at the Village on sand overlaying the Snapper Point Formation.

Vegetation: The walk moves through a complex mix of vegetation. Community 6: Low woodland and heath replaced by Community 7: Woodland on the old dune as we move north. Directly behind the Navigation Marker, Mills has mapped Community 4: Sedgeland changing to Community 9: Wet sedgeland further south; There is also Community 2: Open forest north behind the dune which soon becomes Community 3: Woodland and Open woodland.