Beginning at Duck Gully, this is a walk rich in rock formations, vegetation, frogs and views. 

Geology: The rock platform is tilted, wave cut Snapper Point Formation. This continues inland on the walk back along the NPWS path but there is added soil and humus having an affect on the vegetation.

Vegetation: On the headland north of Duck Gully the vegetation is ‘Low woodland and heath’ which merges into ‘Open forest’. The heath is dense with L. laevigatum predominating but there is a casuarina thicket at the top of the stairs. Further north, this becomes mallee, scribbly gum and stringybark forest.

If the tide is out, climb on to the rock platform at the end of Chinaman's Beach. If the tide is high, use the stairs and the signposted walk to the viewing area and then onto the platform. The walk can continue on the rocks to Greenfields but is precipitous at the end. We prefer to move up on to the NPWS path in the forest and return to Duck Gully.