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Duck Gully to Aster Street

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4. Duck Gully to Aster Street -Further West

5. Duck Gully to Aster Street Behind Chinamans
Beach Dune




Reproduced from Huskisson Topographic Map 9027-4-N 1:25 000, with permission of The Sydney Map Shop, 23 Bridge Street, Sydney, www.lic.gov.au.  

This walk traverses ancient dunes, from Duck Gully, turning slightly inland, and then climbing gently on to the sandstone at Aster Street. Walk 4 is further inland. Walk 5 follows the rear of the old dune.

Geology: The dune surface at Duck Gully is probably of alluvial origin but as we climb up to Aster Street, it is more likely aeolian sand. This is underlain by sandstone, which is evident in the form of eroded pebbles; the sand is shallow.

Vegetation: Sedgeland on the edge of Duck Gully with casuarina predominating, but this is thin belt becoming Community 2: E. pilularis Tall Open Forest (see Mills classification in Chapter 3 for a full description). This is spectacular old forest.