This is a circular walk, beginning close to the Bush Fire Brigade in Rose Street (track is obscure at beginning), climbing the escarpment – approximately 70 metres above sea level and joining the revegetated fire trail from Rose Street, which leads to more established tracks, returning to the NPWS track down to Hyam Road. Occasional glimpses of the Bay and the moors.

Geology: Walking from either Rose Street or Hyam Road, we climb sandstone escarpment. Continue on sandstone until the gravel layer signifies its presence both on the surface and in the vegetation change.

Vegetation: Climbing the escarpment and walking across the sandstone, we pass through ‘Woodland and open woodland’. This is a rich and varied environment (see Mills’ Classification: Community 3). As we move on to the gravel this changes to heathland. Confined to Walk 6, we move through clearly defined woodland and then marginal woodland, which never quite becomes heath