Begins at Booderee Avenue and traverses the boundary between the escarpment and the moor, crossing Duck Gully on the edge of the moors, ending at the old quarries.


The quarries are a project of the Bherwerre Landcare Group. It is a hostile environment for young plants and a number of the plantings have perished. However, there is an accumulation of humus on the edges and shrubs are providing shelter for smaller plants. There are several ponds providing a freshwater environment, which is healthy and lively.

Geology: Some sandstone at the Booderee Avenue end but this walk principally crosses Tertiary Gravel.

Vegetation: At Booderee Avenue, the vegetation is Open Woodland with a predominance of Banksia ericifolia, B. spinulosa, B. paludosa and Casuarina paludosa (contained in one large grove at the junction of the Walk 6 track). The Banksias give way to eucalypts and heath as we near Duck Gully headwaters. To the west of the track is closed heathland and the shrub species is particularly diverse