We began the Hyam's Beach work with a Nikon AF 'point and shoot' and then a Nikon F50 and a Sigma 28-80 macro zoom and a 200-400mm Tamron zoom, using Kodak Gold 400 print film. The initial scans of mass-produced prints on a cheap scanner were awful, which we blamed on the equipment.

We added a Nikon F100 body, Nikkor 28-105mm zoom and 20mm lens', a Bembo tripod and a Nikon SB28 flash and then a Nikon F60 body and a Tamron 90 mm macro lens. For wet weather and trips where light equipment was useful, we used an Olympus MU II point and shoot. Scans were made on a Nikon LS-2000 negative and transparency scanner and a HP 5200C flatbed scanner. There are also images from a Sony Digital camera.

The tripod and flash eliminated camera shake. The first negatives and transparencies were re-scanned with a marked improvement. I returned to Kodachrome 200 and found it utterly unforgiving in forests where the shade and sunlight look great to the eye but render a transparency unusable. We also used Fuji Astia 100 transparency but have returned to Kodak Gold 400 and Fuji Superia 400 print film.

The images from the Nikon scans were captured as 5-6Mb Jpegs and then re-worked in Adobe PhotoShop.

We are now using a Nikon D100 and Photoshop Elements.

Useful photographic references have been:

Hoffman at

Greenspan at

However, these are rather dated in terms of digital photography but their photo's are super.